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Vitamin Deficiencies Self-Assessment Workbook

Mineral Deficiencies Self-Assessment Workbook

Freebie - 5 Common Causes of HG (Pregnancy Nausea & Vomiting)

Healing HG Course

Learn how to identify which factors are contributing to your nausea and vomiting and how to implement change FAST.

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Perfect Supplements

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The Perfect Supplements brand represents the most nutrient-dense, minimally processed, ethically & sustainably sourced, all-natural superfood ingredients on the planet.

The lab test for purity and have glyphosate-free certifications.

The Desiccated beef liver is a total game changer and is touted as mother nature's multi-vitamin.


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SUBI is 100% natural and real whole-food nutrition.

20+ real, whole ingredients, 4+ servings of vegetables per serving and 60% of your daily nutritional needs


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Supporting, improving, and optimizing energy production and coherent biological structure and function.

Sourcing the highest quality materials on the market, and formulating them with no filler, and the cleanest and most beneficial ingredient list possible.

RogersHood Apothecary

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RogersHood offers fantastic herbal cleanse and detox products.

Their products are all-natural, gentle to use and come with detailed instructions for safe use at home.

Energy Bits

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Bits® are plant-based nutrition tablets made purely of algae - a sustainable whole-food crop that supports your body naturally.

Higher Healths

By embracing our dietary roots, we can dramatically increase our health and happiness, while also promoting sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment.


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